For the workflow other than website building, please contact us.

Contact Us
When you are inspired to have a new website, or renew an existing website, please contact us. We will ask questions in order to help you achieve the website you want, before meeting.
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We will discuss in detail the functions and designs for your website.
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We will give you a quote based on your requirement. We can also suggest what we can do with your budget,
so don’t hesitate to let us know.
Please note that additional charges may apply later on.
When that happens, we will swiftly notify you.
For more details, please read Frequently Asked Questions.
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Place an Order
When you are happy with our quote, please place an order via FAX or Email.
We will ask 25% of the fee quoted as a deposit.
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Reserve A Domain Name
It is really important to reserve a Domain Name early before someone else gets it!
Some Domain Names requires you to provide certain documents when registering.
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Send Us Documents
Please send us all the necessary documents (Text and Images).
Please read Frequently Asked Questions to see why additional charges may apply.
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Flowchart & Design Proposals
We will produce flowchart to demonstrate the structure of the website.
Then the index page and contents page layout will be created.
Once you are happy with the layout, we will apply design aspects such as colour, font and images.
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Creating Contents Pages
At this stage, we will create the rest of the pages with the documents provided by you.
Also the neccessary application is tested.
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Payment & Publishing
After the final payment is completed (75% of the quoted fee),
your website is accessible with your domain and will be registered with major search engines.
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